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Dress Code for Members and Guests

The York Harbor Reading Room encourages a standard of dress in keeping with the dining club tradition. Casual dress and shorts are permitted for dining on the deck during the day, however appropriate attire (coat and/or tie) for evening dining is appreciated. Blue jeans, tee shirts and tank tops are not permitted. 

In general, collared shirts for men and boys are expected, swimwear must be appropriately covered, and caps are not to be worn inside the clubhouse. A dinner jacket is expected at a few events each summer and will be noted. It is the responsibility of the members of the Club to encourage family and guests to maintain these standards. 


Special Occasions

The York Harbor Reading Room is pleased to be able to provide its  exceptional location and ideal facility for weddings and other special  events for our MEMBERS and their guests. The service of our dedicated  staff and chef is outstanding from the planning stages through to a  successful event.

As it is a seasonal club--only open from May  through October 31-- that enjoys a busy summer schedule, there are  limited weekend dates available. 

Ms. Mary Mace, Wedding Coordinator 

(207) 363-3965